DSC_0308Mariska is a specialist in environment and land use, with a particular focus on soil science and greenhouse gases. She has applied this knowledge in a range of fields – from working in a practical setting on organic farms, to desk based research on the effects of land use change in Brazil.

Her interests have increasingly focussed on biochar and its potential for carbon sequestration. Having completed her MSc thesis on this topic early in early 2008 she has been involved in biochar field trials in India and is now on a three month contract at Cornell University pursuing the topic.

Mariska has strong writing skills and an affinity with complex models. She has the ability to compress and structure large amounts of information, and is comfortable exploring the implications of specialist detail to large and global systems.

In her spare time, she puts her knowledge and passion for the environment to practice, growing her own food and walking in the surrounding mountains of Snowdonia in Wales.

She is native in Dutch, near-native in English, speaks French and German and is able to learn new languages easily.

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